Against Nature. 2013
Steel studs, MDF, existing architecture.
Dimensions variable.

“…we may say that every spatial envelope implies a barrier between inside and out, but
that this barrier is always relative and, in the case of membranes, always permeable.”
- Henri Lefebvre, The Production of Space, 1974

Against Nature, adds to an ongoing body of work that explores architectural screens as socially and politically emblematic forms.  A screen frames the perimeter of the room, articulating its envelope as the boundary between interior and exterior, public and private, inclusive and exclusive spaces. The studs lose their traditional function as structural support and instead are arranged as a sculptural object that regulates the light entering the room. By obscuring the views from the windows, the screen alludes to the hyper-development of our natural environment while questioning the potential for natural light to be privatized as a material in and of itself.